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There’s always a… charger in my car.

I use the… Apple iPhone X

A gadget I can’t live without is my phone, for sure. Besides that my iPad. I love watches and you’ll always find one on me.

I’m a fan of Hublot watches. Digital watches just don’t make the cut!

I don’t use any gadgets during a workout… We’ve been given individual timers to act as a stopwatch, but nothing else in particular.

My most prized tech possessions are… my watches

I’m addicted to food delivery apps… Since I order so much food in, it has to be Swiggy and Zomato.

An element of tech I’d love to use more of… These days in cricket we use a lot of technology to understand the opposition – the bowlers, etc. and that is something I’d probably would want to use more of. To understand my game, to know where I’m going wrong. There’s a data company that runs that technology for us and we go through the analysis of my game.

My recent indulgence… has to be my BMW.

If not a cricketer, I’d have been a real estate tycoon. I love real estate, so maybe yeah!

All my friends are as tech savvy as me. We all love our gadgets.

My daughter is just 6 months old. I haven’t bought her a gadget yet… and intend to keep her away from them for a long time to come…


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