Here Are All The Free ‘Xbox Games With Gold’ For June (2019)


With just over a day left in May, Microsoft has finally revealed the free Xbox Games With Gold coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 in June.

Via Xbox’s Major Nelson, we now have the four free titles coming next month—two for Xbox One, and two for Xbox 360 though these are of course backward compatible on Xbox One as well.

Let’s take a look at each of these free games.

Xbox One

NHL 19 / June 1st – 30th (82% on Metacritic)

If you like hockey games, this is the first time I’ve seen one (that I remember) listed for free on Xbox One, though EA Access members will already have access to the title.

I used to play the NHL games back when a lot of my gaming time was spent between NFL and NHL titles, but I’ve dropped out of the whole sports gaming thing for years now. Still, may have to take this one out on the ice given that it’s free . . .

Rivals Of Aether / June 1st – July 15th (No Score)

I know nothing about this game, but it appears to be a retro brawler and that while it has no Metacritic score, its Steam user score is “Very Positive” which likely means the Xbox One version is also worth playing. Here’s a trailer:

Xbox 360 (Backward Compatible)

Portal / June 1st – 15th (90% on Metacritic)

Well now here’s a game every gamer should play (before quickly moving on to Portal 2 if you’ve missed that one somehow). Back when Valve still made actual video games, they created this funky little puzzle game that I always wished they’d combine with Half-Life into an amazing hybrid game that uses gravity guns and portal guns and, well, it’s never going to happen. You should download this game, though.

Earth Defense Force 2017 / June 16th – 30th (69% on Metacritic)

Honestly, somehow I’ve never played an Earth Defense Force game so I have nothing but the pithy observation that this game was made in 2007 despite being called Earth Defense Force 2017. I guess ten years into the future, giant alien bugs were going to invade or something. Should I play these games? There’s a new one I should probably give a try. In any case, this one’s free in June!

That’s all folks!

You can see the free Xbox Games With Gold for May here (last chance and all that) and the free PlayStation Plus games for June here.

Happy gaming, young padawans.


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